Difference Between Hemodialysis in Center and Home Mobile Dialysis

Subnet RTA is currently looking for dialysis nurses for different clients in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Most hospitals and medical centers in KSA have mobile dialysis units designed for patients who opt for home-based hemodialysis instead of the typical center-based hemodialysis. We will look into the difference between these two types of hemodialysis in this week’s blog article.

In line with its commitment to deliver top-notch recruitment service by supplying an efficient Filipino workforce to the global market, Subnet RTA has successfully deployed 24 staff nurses to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is still looking for more. These Filipino nurses will be assigned in the intensive care unit, dialysis, pediatric, and long term care facilities of the International Extended Care (IEC) Hospital.

SRTA OFW Labor Day

Today, Filipinos and other workers around the world are celebrating Labor Day. As a tribute to Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) and the Filipino workingmen in general, the Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) will hold a groundbreaking ceremony in San Fernando, Pampanga for the first ever OFW hospital.

Season of Lent, Season of Overseas Filipino Workers (Subnet RTA)

As an Overseas Filipino Worker (OFW), self-denial is no longer a new term. Your life is like the season of Lent, because you have given up so much just to help and enrich others by your sacrifices. As you continue living in the season of self-denial as an OFW, may you also view the season of Lent as a time and opportunity for…

Philippine Government Launches OFW Records Appointment System, OFW E-Card

In its effort to stay true to its commitment in protecting and promoting the welfare and well-being of the OFWs, the Philippine government, through the POEA and the OWWA, launched the OFW e-CARD in November and the OFW Records Online Appointment System in December last year. Know more about these from this article.