How to Recruit the Best Staff for Your Business?

How to Recruit the Best Staff for Your Business

Being in the recruitment business for more than a decade, we know how difficult it is for our clients to find staff who are most qualified for the role and hire the best manpower for their business. To help you, a fellow recruiter, achieve this, Subnet RTA is here to give you some tips and guide how to recruit the best staff for your business.

  1. Know your company’s needs first. By analyzing what’s needed in your company, you will be able to know what positions still required to fill that in. Discuss internally what you should be looking for, so that you will be sure where to place your next employee and what specific role he/she will be playing.
  2. Analyze the job position you will be opening. Be sure that you can define the job before you start looking for a candidate to fill in the vacant position. Specify the job title, the role summary, duties and responsibilities, as well as qualifications and skills. By knowing exactly what you are looking for, you will easily find the right candidate the moment you begin your recruitment process.
  3. Make a recruitment plan. This refers to a prearranged strategy for hiring employees. You can do this by setting a meeting with the team who will be needing the new employee. After that, list down the things that you specifically look for in the new employee to help you keep on track and help you determine what type of candidate you are eyeing.
  4. Promote your job opening. There are a lot of ways to do these: posting on employment website, on your company website, social media, or blog channels. You can also participate in job fairs or conduct your own career day. You can even implement referral programs for your own employees who might possibly know someone fitting for the position.
  5. Prepare for the interview. Have a well-planned and structured interview process. Use standard interview questions to compare each candidate, but make sure to choose questions that will also bring out their true skills and personalities. But of course, stay on track with what you are truly looking for in an applicant. Is he/she the right candidate?
  6. Choose candidates carefully from the start. Review the applicants’ resumes, cover letters, and credentials. Check their qualifications, skills, experience, and characteristics. Do some prescreening right on the phone interview to determine if they are truly qualified. Check their backgrounds and references. Do not settle for someone less than what your company needs.
  7. Give different tests and assessments fitting for the job position. There are a lot of ways to determine the skills and qualifications of a candidate. Aside from interviews, you cannot go wrong with a skills test especially if done in the office where the applicant will eventually work in case he/she will be hired. Discuss within the recruitment team and the department who are in need of the new employee all the possible ways how you can effectively assess applicants.
  8. Establish a good relationship with your candidates. You cannot recruit the right candidates if you yourself aren’t the right recruiters who attract the right people for your company. It is important that even during the hiring process, you will establish a good relationship with the applicants. You can do this by properly communicating with them, valuing their time and effort, building a talent pool where you will likely find the employees you need in the future, and most importantly, representing your company in the best way you can.
  9. Partner with a recruitment agency. Ensuring you hire the best staff for your business is one of the recruiters’ most common dilemma. That’s why it is imperative to streamline your overall recruitment process by considering a partner recruitment agency to do all the sourcing and recruiting highly qualified applicants for you. In this way, you as a business can focus efforts on onboarding selected candidates and building your team for success!

If you have done your job well as a recruiter, it is no surprise that applicants will be eager to work for your company. Even if they will not be hired immediately, they will surely love to come back and target any future job position opening. So make sure you take note and consider the tips on this list, not only to recruit the best candidate for your requirement, but to attract the right people for your company even in the future.

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