What are the Processes of Partnering with a Recruitment Agency?

What are the Processes of Partnering with a Recruitment Agency?

A few weeks back, Subnet RTA discussed with you the benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency. Today, we will share with you the three easy steps to acquire your manpower needs efficiently through a partnership with us.

1. Reach out to us by either sending an email at srtamarketing@subnet-group.com or filling out an initial contact form through our website or blog site.

WEBSITE: srta.subnet-group.com/contact
BLOG SITE: blogsrta.subnet-group.com/recruitment-partner/

2. Subnet RTA will start processing your requirements from the moment you contacted us. After that, you will receive the following documents from us:

3. Submit the following documentary requirements to the nearest Philippine Embassy for verification purposes. After which, forward these documents to Subnet RTA. List of documents required may differ from country to country, but below are the standard ones.

  • Recruitment Agreement – is the agreement between your company and Subnet RTA stating terms that allow us to recruit workers for you.
  • Special Power of Attorney – is a document that gives us legal permission to issue employment contracts between your company and the OFWs you are hiring before they leave the Philippines.
  • Master Employment Contract – is the contract between your company and the OFWs you are hiring.
  • Manpower Request/Job Order – is a formal request from your company to Subnet RTA seeking for specific personnel including job descriptions and other important details.
  • POLO – POEA Accreditation Form
  • Business License/Commercial Registration (Foreign Principal)
  • Identification of Authorized Representative
  • POEA license

As your partner agency, Subnet RTA will be the one to submit your requirements to the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) for accreditation, which can last either for a minimum of 7 working days, an average of 15 working days, or a maximum of 30 days.

Meanwhile, the recruitment process will commence right after we receive your signed Recruitment Agreement. For the detailed recruitment process, please refer to the process of hiring Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs).

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