What Makes Filipinos Hireable Across the Globe? (Characteristics of Overseas Filipino Workers)

overseas filipino workers

From April to September 2016, the number of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) was estimated at 2.2 million based on the 2016 survey of the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). Today, the number is still growing, which means that Filipinos are indeed in demand across the globe. So what makes OFWs hireable worldwide? What do you think are the best characteristics of Filipinos?

As a Catholic country, one may say that Filipinos are collectively known to be very faithful despite their differences in the religious sects they belong to. But did you know that there’s a homonym to the word “faithful” that can also best describe Filipinos as employees? Let’s discuss that further in this blog post.

OFWs are Flexible, avAIlable, and Trainable.

Filipinos are jack of all trades. There’s nothing that a Filipino cannot do by nature or by training. Given their talents and skills not to mention their love for learning, Filipinos are spread out in different industries worldwide. Additionally, working abroad has always been considered the Filipino dream; hence, most Filipinos are always available for overseas jobs.

OFWs are Hardworking.

Filipinos are undoubtedly hardworking individuals. Their passion and dedication to their craft is incomparable. Give them any task, and they will do it whole-heartedly. Moreover, OFWs are known for having multiple jobs at the same time, all in the name of their love for family.

OFWs are Family-Oriented.

As pointed out earlier, Filipinos will do everything for their family. Providing for their loved ones is the reason why most Filipinos work abroad. They do not mind the distance and loneliness they have to go through just as long as their families get a better life and future.

OFWs are Obedient.

Filipinos may be proud of their nationality, but they always know how to bow down to anyone in authority; thus, making them obedient employees. They always follow rules and do (even give more than) what is expected of them. It is only unfortunate that most of the time their foreign employers tend to abuse them because of this characteristic.

OFWs are Optimistic.

In actuality, Filipinos are generally cheerful and positive. No matter what the circumstance is, Filipinos always see the other side of the coin. They always find something to smile about even if they are in a grave situation. Who would forget those people devastated by Yolanda and other deadly typhoons and yet still managed to smile at cameras documenting them? Those are Filipinos.

OFWs are Loving and Loyal.

Given their family-oriented trait, Filipinos can treat anyone like a family. May it be fellow Filipinos, co-workers, employers and their employers’ families, or even strangers they just meet on the street, Filipinos can easily bond with anyone and establish a genuine friendship. No wonder we’ve always been hearing stories about foreigners looking for their Filipino nannies when they have grown up.


There you have it. OFWs are flexible, available, trainable, hardworking, family-oriented, obedient, optimistic, loving and loyal. Acrostically, they are f.ai.t.h.fo.o.o.ll or faithful individuals not just to their work, but more importantly to their families, their country, and their God.

As a Filipino, do you think you have the same characteristics?

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