How to be Sure You Only Hire Quality Welders?


Welding has always been in demand. It is a career that has been consistently needed in many industries such as oil and gas, mining, military, maritime, manufacturing, construction, energy, and the list goes on. Hence, welding offers many career opportunities especially if one is a highly skilled welder. These opportunities include earning a high salary and a good living despite not being required to have any college degree at all.

So if you are a recruiter looking to hire welders, it is basically your goal to hire only the qualified ones. But a more pressing concern for recruiters is, how can you be sure you are heading into the right direction once you start the recruitment process?

How can you be sure that you got your eye on the right candidates? SubNet RTA would like to share with you these simple tips that will help you in your hiring process.

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  1. Be sure you never have to apologize for hiring a bad welder.
  2. Save your company money in the short and long term and prove it.
  3. Improve your company’s hiring process for welders at no extra cost.
  4. Be more efficient in hiring only quality welders.
  5. Ensure all of the welders you hire can pass any weld test.
  6. Be confident none of the welders you hire costs the company huge sums of money.
  7. Make sure all welders you hire already hold international certification that you or your clients may need to get those future contacts.

For more tips on how to be sure you only hire quality welders, you may download our FREE Welding Fact Sheet now.

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