How to Hire Filipino Workers for Guam?

How to Hire Filipino Workers for Guam?

“Some contractors and employees said they’re optimistic about their chances of bringing in more foreign workers, while recovering from the federal government’s blanket denial of H-2B petitions for Guam starting late 2015.”

This was the opening paragraph of a news article on the 26th Annual Guam Contractors Association (GCA) Family Day Picnic held last October 7th at Ypao Beach Park.

According to the Governor of Guam Eddie Calvo, “the 2019 National Defense Authorization Act removes the 4,000 cap on H-2B workers, so Guam can bring in more foreign laborers for construction and healthcare”.

The H-2B program allows United States employers or agents who meet specific regulatory requirements to bring foreign nationals to the US to fill temporary non-agricultural jobs.

During the GCA Family Day Picnic, Black Construction Corp. Guam’s senior vice president and general manager Leonard Kaae said “the company is looking forward to bringing in nearly 130 to 150 foreign workers to Guam”.

Ian Construction’s president and owner Ian Chong likewise said that “the company’s opportunity for growth will be limited without the option to bring in foreign laborers”. Chong was waiting on applications to be processed for nearly 50 foreign carpenters, masons and mechanics from the Philippines. Nevertheless, he remained optimistic that these workers would arrive in time for planned projects.

General Recruitment Process

Are you a Guamanian business owner or employer like Chong who wants to hire Filipino workers for your company?

Subnet RTA, registered as Subnet Recruitment Training and Assessment Services Inc. on the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) website, has outlined the basic recruitment process that foreign recruiters have to follow in hiring Filipinos.

  1. Choose a POEA licensed recruitment agency that will serve as your recruitment partner just like SubNet RTA. We search, recruit, document, process, and deploy highly skilled, professional, and competent workers from the Philippines to any international destination.
  2. Submit the documentary requirements to the nearest *Philippine Embassy/Consulate General for verification purposes. This process will normally take 5 to 15 working days. Documentary requirements include the following:
    • Recruitment Agreement – An agreement between your company and your chosen recruitment agency stating terms that allow the latter to recruit workers for you.
    • Special Power of Attorney – A document that gives your chosen recruitment agency legal permission to issue employment contracts between your company and the OFWs you are hiring before they leave the Philippines.
    • Master Employment Contract – The master employment contract between your company and the OFWs you are hiring.
    • Manpower Request/Job Order – A formal request from your company to your chosen recruitment agency seeking for specific personnel, their job description, etc.
    • Business License/Commercial Registration (Foreign Principal)
    • Identification of Authorized Representative
    • POEA license
  3. After the verification, submit the requirements to your chosen recruitment agency. If you have chosen SubNet RTA, we will be the one to submit your requirements to the POEA for accreditation, which can last either for a minimum of 7 working days, an average of 15 working days, or a maximum of 30 days.
  4. The recruitment process takes place from the moment we have received your signed Recruitment Agreement. Basically, the entire recruitment selection includes sourcing and pre-screening, interview (phone, Skype, or personal), skill/trade testing, final selection, and signing of letters. This process will take 7 to 20 working days.
  5. After recruitment comes the different processes of mobilization, documentation, briefing, and deployment/flight itinerary.
    • Mobilization
      • Certificate of Employment Notarial at the Regional Trial Court (only when applicable) – minimum of 3 working days
      • Medical Examination – minimum of 5 working days
      • Visa Processing by Employer – 3 to 5 working days
      • Authentication of Documents for Professionals (only when applicable) – minimum of 7 working days, maximum of 21 working days
      • Attestation of Individual Contracts (for drivers) – minimum of 15 working days
    • Documentation
      • Master Employment Contract POEA Processing – minimum of 3 working days
      • Overseas Employment Certificate – 0.5 to 2 working days
      • Pre-Departure Orientation Seminar (PDOS) – half-working day
    • Briefing – half-working day
      • Pre-Departure Orientation by SubNet RTA personnel
    • Deployment/Flight Itinerary – 3 to 5 working days
      • Booking Reservation
      • Ticketing

Please take note though that some of the steps indicated in this article may vary from country to country. You may reach out to our Recruitment Team for more information and FREE recruitment consultation.

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Subnet RTA is a land-based recruitment agency licensed by the POEA to search, recruit, document, process, and deploy highly skilled, professional, and competent workers from the Philippines to any international destination.

*Philippine Consulate General in Agana, Guam
Address: Suite 601 of the ITC Building, Marine Corps Drive, Corner Chalan San Antonio in Tamuning, Guam
Tel. No.: (671) 646-4620 and (671) 646-4630
24-Hour Emergency Hotline:  (671) 488-4630
Fax No.: (671) 649-1868
Email Address: pcgagana@gmail.com
Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 9880, Tamuning, Guam 96931

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