How to Recruit the Best Staff for Your Business

Being in the recruitment business for more than a decade, we know how difficult it is for our clients to find staff who are most qualified for the role and hire the best manpower for their business. To help you, a fellow recruiter, achieve this, Subnet RTA is here to give you some tips and guide how to recruit the best staff for your business.

What are the Processes of Partnering with a Recruitment Agency?

A few weeks back, Subnet RTA discussed with you the benefits of partnering with a recruitment agency. Today, we will share with you the three easy steps to acquire your manpower needs efficiently through a partnership with us. 1) Reach out to us. 2) Subnet RTA will start processing your requirements from the moment you contacted us. 3) Submit your documentary requirements to the nearest Philippine Embassy for verification purposes. Read the full article for details.

Benefits of Partnering with a Recruitment Agency

Partnering with a recruitment agency is more beneficial than you can ever imagine. Not only will it save you from the stressful process of physically searching, screening, and hiring candidates, it will also enable you to make informed decisions and streamline your overall recruitment process. To help you achieve that, Subnet RTA will be sharing with you the advantages of having a partner recruitment agency.

How to Hire Filipino Workers for Malaysia

The Philippines and Malaysia have many decades of strong bilateral relations. In addition, Malaysia was among the top 5 countries with the largest population of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in 2016. Data from the Commission on Overseas Filipinos (COF) showed there were at least 790,000 Filipinos living and working in Malaysia that time. Last year alone, 1.7% of the 2.34 million OFWs were reportedly based in Malaysia according to the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA). Are you an employer in Malaysia who wants to hire Filipino workers for your company? You can do so by seeking the help of a licensed recruitment agency.

As workers, Filipinos have been a top choice of employers through the years because of their unparalleled skills, experiences, and characteristics. If you are an employer in Australia who wants to hire Filipino workers for your company, you can seek the help of a licensed recruitment agency for your convenience.