Give Love this Christmas Day to Your OFW Loved Ones

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Christmas for Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) is definitely a blue Christmas especially if they cannot go home for a holiday vacation. Imagine being alone in a foreign land while your loved ones in the Philippines have a lot of family reunion memories to share? Can you even picture coming home to an empty apartment on Christmas Eve where your only resort to happiness is your laptop that has an Internet connection?

So to help make an OFW Christmas meaningful, Subnet RTA is sharing with you tips on how to make your relatives abroad feel loved this holiday season.

  1. Send them a Christmas letter or card. In this age where writing letters is a thing of the past, receiving one will be much appreciated. If you can be more creative, try writing poems or songs. This will make your OFW loved ones feel extra special.
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  2. Give them gifts for a change. Instead of asking for a Christmas gift, be the one who will give a gift this time around. Send a mini package, if you can. Or if you can write a song, record it and send it to your family member overseas. Posting it online where other people can see it will make it even more special.
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  3. Cook their favourite food. Even if they’re not around, they will feel very important if you cook their favourite food and share it with others on Christmas Day. Simple gestures like this will make them feel that they still belong to the family despite their absence.
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  4. Make them part of the celebration. Call your OFW family member or have a video chat with them exactly on the time of your celebration. In that way, they will feel less lonely and homesick even if they are on the other side of the world.
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  5. Do not ask for anything in return. This will probably be the hardest because Filipinos are traditionally expecting more from their OFW loved ones during Christmas. On the other hand, OFWs may have long prepared for this occasion before their families back home even demand from them. But for a change, why not try to be less needy and demanding?
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Giving love to your OFW loved ones is not as hard as the sacrifices they make to provide for their respective families. Celebrate them and the efforts they make by making their Christmas more personalized and special.

Subnet RTA is one with our OFWs and their families in sharing the spirit of Christmas. May this season bring more blessings, joy, unity, and love to all of you. Have a very meaningful Christmas!





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