Happy New Year from Subnet RTA!

Happy New Year from Subnet RTA

2018 is now a has-been. Celebrations are over. Holiday vacations have come to an end. Most working people are going back to work or have gone back to work already. Students will soon be back to school and finish another school year. In what seems to be a brief moment, we all conquered 2018 and are now facing a brand new year.

For our beloved Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) who have luckily gone home to the Philippines for a vacation, saying goodbye to loved ones is now inevitable. They have no other choice but to return to their country of employment and be back on their regular OFW days, which will mean “work, work, work”.

For those who sadly spent the holidays away from home, they can now breathe a sigh of relief because lonely times are a little bit over. The upcoming days will be more bearable than Christmas and New Year when their homesickness was on its higher level. Everything will be back to normal again at the very least.

For those who aspire to be an OFW, now is the time to realize your goals. Assess your skills. Put into consideration your academic and professional background. Make a research about the countries you are targeting to go to. Know about the culture, the history, the rules, the people, among the others. Above all, be prepared physically, emotionally, and mentally.

If you are finally sure that working overseas is what you want, start looking for recruitment agencies licensed by the Philippine Overseas Employment Administration (POEA) like Subnet RTA.

Registered as Subnet Recruitment Training and Assessment Services Inc. on the POEA website, Subnet RTA is a land-based agency that searches, recruits, documents, processes, and deploys highly skilled, professional, and competent workers from the Philippines to any international destination. Our office is located in Pasig City.

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Happy New Year!




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