Subnet RTA Featured Job Industry: Hospitality and Events Management

Subnet RTA Featured Job Industry Hospitality and Events Management

As an industry, hospitality refers to a broad group of businesses that provide services to customers with a focus on the latter’s satisfaction and meeting their specific needs. Coupled with events management, this industry deals with providing accommodation, food and drink to the public, as well as organizing and overseeing all kinds of events for all kinds of causes. There are various jobs in this sector such as inn keeping, catering, private events organization, corporate events management, and many others.

For aspiring Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs), the hospitality and events management industry offers many career opportunities especially in the Middle East. Subnet RTA is in fact currently looking to place for the following job positions bound to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

3 Sushi Chefs


– This job is for Filipino nationals only
– Candidates must be 23 years old and above
– High school graduate
– Minimum of 2 years of experience in preparing and serving sushi
– Can teach the assistant chef in preparation of sushi

Interested in this job position?
You may email your resume to recruitment@subnet-group.com with the job position as email subject.

4 Waiters


– This job is for Filipino nationals only
– Male
– 21 years old and above
– Vocational Graduate
– With 2 years of experience as Waiter
– Willing to work in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

Do you want to apply for this job post?
Click here to email your resume to recruitment@subnet-group.com.

The above-mentioned jobs are just a few of the various careers that hospitality and events management industry offers. In case you are keen for more related overseas job openings, you may click to visit our Jobs page.

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