If your company needs to be assured that the technical and managerial staff you are about to hire from the Philippines are competent to the quality and standard you require, then SubNet RTA can assess them here in the Philippines for you before you spend money hiring and mobilising them to your location.

We have an in-house e-learning or assessment only system where we can assess personnel over the Internet even before any initial interview. We can also assess them further In-house, monitored by our assessors using state-of-the-art assessment software to question and evaluate their knowledge. Upon request, clients are given remote access to the assessments and the grading of resource personnel.

Additionally, SubNet has practical assessment accreditation and training processes to test practical skills and assure clients of the workers’ qualifications. We are able and qualified to have applicant welders take an online assessment as a pre-qualification before they take practical welding tests. This will assure clients of the workers’ background knowledge, as well as save them time and money in testing those not experienced to a certain theoretical level.

Those who pass a certain required level of knowledge can then take a practical welding test with SubNet, as we are accredited by the American Welding Society (AWS) to assess a welder and test any weld to the client required standard. In fact, SubNet is the first AWS Accredited Test Facility in the Philippines.

The assessment and test results can be submitted to the client for selection of available and qualified personnel. At that stage, the client may accept some or subject some to further training and re-assessment.